The Championship Award

The Sports Car Club of America  will present an automobile
with the most points for the season,

" The Championship Award "

Points will be awarded as follows for judged automobiles

For entering each Concours  ~  5   points

           winning First in Class  ~  5   points

     winning Second in Class  ~  3   points

           winning Third in Class  ~  2   points

           winning Best of Show  ~ 10  points

All point totals will be tabulated by SCCA.
The Award will be presented at the final Concours of the Season.
The winning automobile will be exempt from the following year
Championship Award, but may enter and compete in all Concours.
After a one year absence the automobile may again win the Championship Award.

- previous winners -

 The 2009 SCCA Championship Award Winner  
  1954 Kaiser Darrin - Jim Orsburn Gold River, CA

The 2008 SCCA Championship Award Winner
1947 Jaguar MKIV - Howard & Mary Ann Clarke - Springfield, CA