SCCA Judges Certification Class I 
bigger and better
- the Bay Area Version -
" everyone deserves a 2nd chance "
Rain or Shine !
An update for ALL judges to attend, come and have FUN, we need your input ! 


  Saturday morning  19 March 2011  
  205 Constitution Dr, Menlo Park 
  ( enter in rear of building, non-sanctioned gathering )
 - 9am pre-class jitters 
    coffee and sweet fried dough, insulin optional
 - 930am pre-class, Redemption 
    In the Beginning, by supreme Past Chief of Concours, Jessie Bravo
 - 945am Concours Judging, a Religious Experience?
   opening Sermon by Chief of Concours, Ed Therrian 
    and the Hidden Truth, Objective vs Subjective by director, Jim Perell
- 10am the Expanding Concours 
    the future as seen, by Chief Judge, Butch Wright
   1015am break
 - 1030am to Judge or Serve, the inner choice
    Comprehensive evaluation principals, by Richard Simonds
    Certified Instructor of Concours Judges MB Club of America
 - noon lunch 
    a catered affair
 -  120pm optional attendance, Demons within a Concours 
     sympathy? to the wicked souls, who enable gatherings known as concours,
     the truth as envisioned, by John M. and Morris L. 
     ( last names ommitted in fear of retaliation )
 - 130pm practice what you preach !
    exemplary judging of fine automobiles
    245pm break
 - 3pm the final judgment 
    winning thru mathematics, by director Shirley Wright
- 330pm benediction 
    unbelievers and skeptics, Q&A
- 415pm start your engines
   & go home  . . . .  or stay for no host dinner, somewhere . .


 our place of worship 
for this 
out of body experience
will be located at
commingling friday::
the advance scouts 
will be prepping the temple 
around 3or4pm friday
and our no host dinner location
with no host bar, on friday nite
will be announced soon
no-tell motels
 will be listed - as soon as
 we get our reservations in first   :)
directly next to palo alto bowl 
maybe there's a  bar ?
the bowling alley  bar  
next to motel 6
Sundance the Steakhouse 
1921 el camino real
cost to attend $20 per person (cash at door)
reservations a must by 15 March 2011
 rsvp to Morris Lum,    916.224.2777
the confirmed congregation ::
john martin,  alan spencer,  tom escover,  wendell bain, anne steele,   mark smedley,   bruce wagner,   juhna wagner,  stephen austin,  lauri amick,  rick yano,
kevin enderby,  richard kuchman,  richard pleschner,  al thomas,  john higgins,  steve pedone,  kathy pedone,  raule madrid,  pinky winther,  troy jones, alan simpson    .   .   .   .   . 
the attending clergy ::
ed therrian,  butch wright,  pat wille,  tom gano,  jim perell,  cindy scagliola,  shirley wright,  richard simonds,  john manby,  morris lum . . . . 
coming soon to northern california
SCCA Judges presents - the Judges Grand Tour of California
( 3 day tour, judging while moving and at each winery stop , fri-sun )

MorrisLumSolutions 2011